Content Ratings on newTumbl

newTumbl relies on ratings to identify and filter content so that you can feel safe browsing the web site. In your account settings, you are provided with options to customize the rating for content you feel comfortable viewing. The system will ensure that you don't encounter unsavory posts or wander into blogs that would make you feel uncomfortable.

In order for the system to work, newTumbl relies on the community as a whole to rate content. Blog publishers are requested to learn what the ratings mean and provide accurate ratings on all published content. Monitors review all content and provide input to our admins who determine a final rating of a post. The system works best when all parties are familiar with and mindful of the ratings guidelines.

Summaries of the guidelines for each rating are listed below. For more detailed information with examples, please check out the Monitor section in our Help Center.

F Family
Safe For Kids

Material that is suitable for people of any age. Kittens, food, cars, unicorns, and fully clothed people. No suggestive content of any kind.

While many images of people might be considered F by an average person, it is our intention to keep the F category free of photos that imply any level of sexuality. Even if someone is entirely clothed in a photo, that does not mean it is F rated. If a photo is in any way sultry or provocative, do not rate it F. This would include images of people showing a lot of skin.

Depictions of innocent romance (such as hugging or kissing) involving clothed adults in a non-suggestive manner qualify for a F rating. For more provocative depictions of romance, refer to higher ratings.

Antiquities, statues, paintings, and other works of art that depict nude forms are permissible in the F category provided that they are not vulgar, suggestive, or sexually provocative.

Images that show, but not advertise, alcohol or tobacco products are permissible in the F category. Casual alcohol consumption is also permissible, but heavy partying with alcohol is more suited for the O category.

Posts containing any religious or political discourse are not suitable for the F category. We believe such material should be subject to parental discretion, and therefore should be rated O.

The best way to think of F is in terms of young viewers. We would like parents to feel completely comfortable having a child of any age browse the F category with them.

"You don't need to close your browser when your kids walk in."